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Business Needs

Business Solutions is a health insurance consulting firm in Virginia that levels the playing field for employers and employees by delivering the same business needs provided by large corporations.

We offer a list of services to our clients that will enhance service to your employees, provide savings to you as an employer, increase your productivity and ease of communicating with your employees, including:


Human Resources Solutions

Business Services

The Business Solutions Difference

Healthcare reform brings its own form of challenges, and it is particularly important for you to be ready with state of the art tools to help you comply with the many rules and regulations that lay before you.

The services listed below are provided to our group clients at no additional cost as a “value added” benefit:

  • A dedicated staff of experienced Account Managers to assist with health insurance claims, as well as dental, life or prescriptions drug issues or concerns.
  • COBRA Administration: We pay for cobra administration for our groups who have over 20 employees.
  • Benefit Administration Software: Our “Ben-Admin” Systems will assist you in connecting with on line enrollment with the carriers, streamline your HR process, help you with HR data management that you will need in the near future when healthcare reform gets in full swing. Learn more >
  • Healthcare Reform Communication and Guidance: We will make sure that you are up to speed with the latest information necessary to help you make decisions on the impact of healthcare reform on you and your employees. Learn more >
  • Human Resource Department: We offer training, guidance and support in all aspects of Human Resources.  Employee handbooks, job descriptions, Harassment training, FMLA and Supervisory Training are just a few of services offered to our clients as no additional cost. Learn more >
  • Employee Benefit Statements: Let us provide your employees with THE HIDDEN PAYCHECK…let your employees know just how much you provide in additional benefits on their behalf.
  • Design and assistance with Wellness Programs: Create unique and fun enhancements to your wellness programs. Learn more >
  • Business Solutions also has specialists on staff to assist with individual policies as well as support and advice relative to Medicare Supplements and Medicare Part D.

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