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Wellness Solutions

Corporate Wellness Solutions Simplified

Of all the worksite wellness programs out there, only one is truly easy to administer, and motivates the troops beyond belief.  Fun incentives + teamwork = participation.  Let us show you how rewarding participation with fun, scratch off game cards will make wellness programs work for you!

Your Wellness Decision Engine

Giving you the power to change lives

This program is a powerful data-driven employee health risk management platform. This engine will allow employers to make smart decisions on wellness based on THEIR data.  This platform uniquely aggregates whole health data (medical, dental, pharmacy and health risk assessment) to identify at-risk populations.

WellSteps Turnkey Wellness Solution

Wellness is the Basis for a Healthy Workforce

This worksite wellness program invites employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.  They help employers change the culture of health and help employees adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  They have programs for small and large businesses.

Interactive Wellness Apps

Today’s workforce is often driven by being connected on-the-go. Since your mobile and/or smart phone is always with you, why not utilize apps that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

  • Blinkhealth.com
  • GoodRX.com
  • Meal Snap: Take a picture of your food and this app provides the approximate caloric intake.
  • GymPact: Imagine paying a complete stranger each time you skip the gym. This app facilitates just that.
  • Jillian Michaels Slim-Down Solution: This app provides workout videos, “skinny” recipes, and smart calorie trackers.
  • My Fitness Pal: Download this app for its calorie counter, robust healthy food database, favorite healthy meal reminder, and its connection with friends for extra motivation.
  • Lose It!: Establishes daily caloric budget, records food intake and exercise, and provides badges to recognize success.
  • RealAge Age Test: Find out if your body is healthier or unhealthier than your age says it should be.
  • Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers Online is a simple and easy to use diet plan for those on the go.
  • eMeals: At eMeals you pick a meal plan that suites your dietary needs. Once you select your plan, they send recipes and grocery lists directly to your inbox.


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