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Employee Benefits

Group Benefit Products


Business Solutions represents all of the major insurance carriers in Virginia, including:

Level-Funded Small Group Products

Defined Contribution Health Insurance

Ask us about defined contribution, a new method of reducing employer costs without reducing employee benefits.  Let us help you offer more choices and provide better benefits per dollar spent!

Life & AD&D

We assist clients with obtaining individual and group life (voluntary and employer paid). Whether you are protecting you family or insuring that your debt is paid at the time of your death it is important to choose the correct policy for your personal needs.

Short-Term and Long Term Disability

Business Solutions assists our clients to protect their income with both individual and group disability products. Insuring your paycheck will help you through those difficult times.

Long-Term Care

Protect yourself against unexpected long term illnesses and plan for the future with a long term care policy. Each policy is specially designed with your needs in mind


A very popular benefit which can be purchased individually or for group coverage.


Employers can offer additional vision benefits that covers frames, lenses, exams, etc. Vision can be purchased for a very reasonable price.

Retirement and Wellness Plans

Retirement Plans

We can help our clients with decisions regarding 401K, Simple IRA, and SEP IRAs.

Wellness & Fitness Programs

The correct wellness program can make a huge difference in employee attendance and lower claims experience.

Human Resource Consulting

Our Human Resource Division gives assistance in many different areas at no cost to our clients, including:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Department of Labor Audits
  • Harassment training
  • HR Hotline
  • FMLA Training
  • Hiring, firing, and discipline training

Administration of Cafeteria Plans

Business Solutions can assist our clients in finding the right administrator for their cafeteria plan and also making sure they have the correct plan document and discrimination testing.

COBRA Compliance

We offer COBRA administration at no cost, taking the worry and legal exposure away from our clients.

Wrap Documents/Pop Plan Documents

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