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Digital Solutions

To assist clients with digital solutions needs, Business Solutions proudly partners with Firefli Media, Roanoke’s first digital agency.

As society’s media habits continue to gravitate more online, businesses are required to reach their audiences in new, innovative ways. Firefli Media was created to help businesses in Southwest Virginia take full advantage of the opportunities that are available in this ever-evolving, digital advertising age.

Digital Solutions? A Digital Agency?

Firefli Media, Roanoke, Va agency offering digital solutions for businessesSo what is a “digital agency” and how does it really differ from a typical advertising agency?

Essentially, while most ad agencies are concerned with print advertising first and website development second, Firefli Media does just the opposite: custom website design/development, social media strategy, and digital advertising come first; but the agency also offers print design and traditional marketing expertise, if necessary.

More specifically, Firefli Media excels in the following:

The Firefli Media Process

Firefli Media works with clients from a huge breadth of industries, from local law firms and healthcare providers, to national housing developers and international non-profits. Though locally based, Firefli’s ability to handle such a varied client base is due its team’s diverse background. The Firefli team is solidly grounded in traditional advertising, marketing and public relations while having a strong concentration in digital media.

Such diverse skills allow Firefli Media to create a simple, but highly effective client process:

  1. find out how an organization is currently perceived in the market;
  2. engage with the organization to determine how it wants to be perceived in the market;
  3. use research to develop a digital and/or print strategy that will obtain realistic goals;
  4. finally, execute the appropriate strategy in a cost-efficient way to help reduce expenses, increase revenue, and grow awareness

To learn more about Firefli Media, check out their website or review some recent press the digital agency has received:

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