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Client Testimonials

Paul H. Story Sr., CFO, Blue Ridge Copier:

“I have told you personally, but wanted to put it in writing, that you and your people are the most knowledgeable, hard working and easy to deal with firm, in your specialty, that I have dealt with. I don’t know what your hours are but I have received emails from you both before and after normal business hours and several while you were on vacation. While I personally like to deal with you, I have found your other people are well trained and knowledgably and easily fill in for you when you are unavailable. I have been impressed also with the fact that when we ask you for help outside your expertise, you always are able to point us in the direction of other people, who through experience you trust. You and your firm are a valuable resource to Blue Ridge Copier.

I know you have hundreds of customers but in handling our account, you make us feel we are the most important account you have.

I am very glad that we chose your company.”

Brian Ard, PHR, HR Manager, Virginia Lutheran Homes, Inc.:

“Upon partnering with Business Solutions, we noticed that the employees were extremely disengaged from their benefit plans and had very little knowledge about the benefits they elected. We immediately made the decision to hold informative insurance meetings to help educate our staff on their current enrollments. Then at our renewal time in March, folks were able to associate a familiar face in Becky, and we again helped to educate them about their benefits. Soon we began to add additional benefits to our plan, which have all been successful thanks to the right amount of up front research. We have yet to add a benefit that hasn’t been a success! It’s invaluable to our staff to see the same broker each year and to recognize a familiar face.

As the current HR Manager, I receive calls from our benefit providers and brokers on a weekly basis. It’s my responsibility to do my diligence and to ensure my company is receiving the best service possible, so occasionally I meet with different brokers or providers. Most of them promise service. I typically prompt them by asking what happens when I call your office. They tell me that I will leave a message and somebody will usually get back to me within a day. Within a day, doesn’t work for me. With a doubt, the #1 benefit I see from working with Business Solutions is that somebody will ALWAYS answer when I call and I can always get immediate answers to my questions. Even on days where I know businesses should be closed, I can reach Becky by cell or even email with a rapid response. My emergencies can’t wait!

I value the friendly staff at Business Solutions and have grown to know all of them as friends over the years. Becky works diligently at each open enrollment to guide and advise us on current market trends and which changes our company should consider. She works closely with the providers to ensure and negotiate appropriate rates for us and suggests going to bid when necessary. We feel she has a strong knowledge of the area and a strong understanding of what the providers are offering other businesses, which allows us to have bargaining chips in our corner. I find that I very rarely have a need to work directly with the providers.

I understand the value of time and realize as an HR professional that anything I can do to streamline my workflow will help me be more efficient and effective. I truly believe Business Solutions allows me to do that. I appreciate their loyalty, I value their service, and I cherish their guidance. It is with that, that I give Business Solutions my whole-hearted recommendation. It’s a change that I’ve never regretted or looked back on and I’m sure you would feel the same!”

Ken & Lisa Laughon

With warmest thanks for guiding us through the maze of health insurance options. Because of you, the process was, rather than a headache, a pleasure! We enjoy working with you — and appreciate your knowledge and expertise.

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